Primary: storytelling and workshops

Primary workshops involve drawing, writing, magic and storytelling. The Queen’s Knickers workshops are a favourite. The children enjoy an hour of magic and drawing and a competition to decorate a pair of paper knickers for the Queen, with edible prizes. They also discover what the Queen revealed to Nicholas when he visited her at Buckingham Palace, and the Prime Minister’s reaction when Nicholas gave him a copy at No 10! Up to four sessions can be accommodated in a day, up to sixty children a session. For Nursery there is The Hefty Fairy, the story of a fairy too plump to collect a tooth. During this reading children witness the flight of a real fairy. Other favourite workshops include Cinderella’s Bum, about diet and body image, and Hilltop Hospital, in which a teacher’s arm is painlessly removed and restored!

For Christmas, Jesus’ Christmas Party is enjoyed by all denominations. An hilarious bestseller for fifteen years, the book is now available as a musical for schools from STARSHINE MUSIC ( 

Nicholas Allan's own presentation of the story includes magic, drawing, and an impromptu rendition of the Nativity play itself. Each child decorates a crown to take home.



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